Live your brand to the fullest!

Aby Dominic

Hi Life is the brainchild of Aby Dominic, a highly regarded industry veteran associated with more than 500 exhibitions across India and overseas in a career spanning over two decades.

Hi Life was launched in Mumbai in 2013 by Dominic to usher in a new era of exhibitions customized for an omni-channel world. Since then it has been at the forefront of redefining the industry with its blend of cutting-edge marketing, pioneering concepts and innovative strategies for new-age exhibitions.

Dominic attributes his success to focus, hard work, commitment, and self-belief. That's not all. Ethics and trust are equally important. "I believe how we conduct ourselves is essential. You need your own personal code of ethics, and you need to live by it. Business — particularly in our environment — is built on trust. Our exhibitors and customers need to trust us. Your reputation is key when it comes to trust.” Of course, a relentless attention to detail also helps.

An avid traveler, Dominic's mantra for success: "Live your brand to the fullest. Success doesn't happen overnight. I spent over two decades within this industry before striking out on my own," says Dominic who holds a degree in commerce and an MBA. "No one can build your dreams for you — only you can do that. Don't expect people to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself."

Patrick Libera

Patrick plays a key role in identifying emerging opportunities, collaboration with external agencies and manages core operations working closely with the MD& CEO. He is a veteran with over 25 years of experience in administration, operations and logistics across industries and companies.

Patrick has played a key role in mapping out an organizational structure and career path for associates with well-defined roles and responsibilities. He believes in investing in new technologies and marketing activities that will lead to more footfalls and business for the exhibitors and better experience for the customers.

A keen believer in the power of deep insights and data mining, Patrick coordinates with external agencies for market intelligence, strategy inputs as well as media relations.

Hi Life Vision

Reimagining Exhibitions For Indian Fashion & Style
  • To be the world’s premier exhibitions platform for Indian luxury items and designer apparels and to provide the best and most delightful shopping experience possible
  • Our vision is to deliver the right and most relevant consumers, content and world-leading expertise and resources in a platform with the power to transform the business of our clients

Hi Life Mission

Drive Results For Exhibitors & Engaging Customer Experiences
  • To find, attract and retain the most relevant and right audiences for our clients to generate significant business and build bonds with target customers
  • To excel in creating brand leading, highly targeted fashion and lifestyle events where exhibitors and their customers can come together to do business, network and bond in a win-win environment
  • To provide today’s high-end and well-informed consumer an engaging, personal and absolutely delightful shopping experience tailored to their exact needs and wants

The Cutting Edge

Partnering With & Helping Exhibitors Thrive
  • Our market-leading exhibitions will put you at the centre of your industry and community
  • Our pan-India presence and leadership status in the metros and top Tier 1 and 2 cities and select global markets help generate significant new business for exhibitors every year. But that’s just the beginning
  • At a Hi-Life Exhibition you generate direct sales while enhancing your brand image, launching new products, researching your market, building your prospect databases and maintaining credible relationships with your customers

An Experience To Cherish For Fashion Lovers!

  • Experience an exhilarating, enjoyable and immersive shopping experience with family and buddies at the finest hotels
  • View and select from the finest and most distinctive collection of designer apparels, accessories, jeweler, home & living, luxury items
  • Shop along with the movers and shakers as well as fashionistas and trend-setters
  • Be assured of the finest craftsmanship and highest quality products at ethical pricing

Innovations With Values

  • Our business is driven by the needs and expectations of our clients and the end customers. We want to be their indispensable partner in success
  • Integrity, respect for our clients and customers, and ethical business practices are an article of faith and non-negotiable
  • We are people with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead for the success of our clients and customers
  • We are a high energy, nimble, decisive company steered by a leader who has managed over 500 exhibitions